Plot Romance Novels That Sell!

Aspiring authors often trust the wrong feedback, cycling endlessly through revisions that don't impact sales. Are you stuck on Chapter 1? Are your books getting "form" rejection letters or 3-star reviews? Then you haven't mastered the "write-to-sell" skills that are crucial for success in the Commercial Romance market. Join our Grateful Graduates, who are getting higher sales and better reviews! Discover our wildly popular, online video courses and learn the secret to plotting Romance novels.

Psst! You Didn't Hear It from Me...

Yes, it's true! Romance novels have a secret plotting formula. Certain authors got popular because they mastered it. Discover the write-to-sell strategies that give bestselling authors their edge!

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Your Paycheck Depends on Chapter 1!

In this hilarious, "deep dive" into Chapter 1, discover how bestselling Romance authors maximize the Sizzle Factor by crafting unforgettable opening scenes!

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Never Plot from Scratch Again!

Discover how bestsellers become so prolific! Write more books and win loyal fans when you plot with the 23 most popular themes in Romance.

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Ready for Success?

Publishers and bestsellers consult with Adrienne deWolfe. Privately, she has coached authors to the top of the charts. If you're serious about Romance-writing, join the successful graduates of her Mentorship Program!

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