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No Bestseller Plots from Scratch!

Discover the Success Strategies used by top authors to

write more books in less time and attract repeat buyers!

Writing romance? Learn how bestselling authors update the most popular themes in Romance to create unique plots and characters. Learn how to plot a romance novel step by step and how to structure a romance novel.

Want to get paid to write Romance novels? Put a fresh spin on these 23 wildly popular, boy-meets-girl plots!


Romance readers favor certain storylines and buy them repeatedly.

Authors who "get" this concept grow their income and their fanbase!

Let's assume that writing about love is your ideal, money-making career.

Let's also assume that life's other priorities chip away at your writing time: loved ones; work responsibilities; fitness regimens... (And let's not forget how you sacrifice SLEEP to keep pace with your world.)

Wouldn't it be great if you could:

  • Plot faster, 
  • Characterize quicker, and 
  • Write more books in less time (so you can narrow the gap between publication dates?)

Feeling skeptical?

Of course you are! So let me explain:

I'm not talking about a two-week frenzy, writing about love, and then collapsing on your bed after you type 50,000 words. (That's a recipe for poor health.)

Nor am I talking about lowering your professional standards to write schlock (which is the ultimate embarrassment and will drive away readers.)

Heck, I'm not even talking about slapping book covers on short stories, and calling them novellas.

Listen. If you dream of becoming a Romance-writing professional, then you must write commercial-grade fiction. That's a given, right?

So when I ask, "Wouldn't it be great if you could plot faster and characterize quicker?" I mean that you'd be writing loves stories of SUPERIOR QUALITY. I'm referring to beloved, full-length storylines that have a track record in the Romance genre. We're talking about proven plots that show up on the bestseller's lists, time after time.

Can YOU Benefit from Clever Shortcuts?

Of course you can! But first, you must learn what every bestselling Romance author had to learn before you:

Certain stories capture the heart and the imagination. No matter how many times the tale has been told, readers eagerly buy the next incarnation:

  • In the Mystery Genre, readers love to cheer on the good cop, whose courage and resourcefulness are tested to the max until he (or she) can triumph over evil.
  • In the Western Genre, fans thrill to watch the dirt-poor cowboy pick himself up, no matter how many times life knocks him down, until he achieves his dream of prosperity.
  • In the Romance genre, readers have their favorite go-to stories too. Savvy authors, who understand this concept, write Romance novels that sell!

How to Make Money, Writing about Love

Take a tip from a bestseller: Don't waste your time, trying to invent a story that has never been told. Romance fans WANT to relive the 23 themes in this course! (That's why those themes keep topping the charts.)

But why stop there? Once you understand why these themes appeal to your readers, I'll teach you how to:

  • Modernize tried-and-true tales, so readers of the 21st Century fall in love with YOUR brand of storytelling
  • Construct a framework for your most important characters (so you never have to devise a hero or heroine — from scratch — again!) 
  • Invent plot twists that keep your stories fresh (and win you loyal fans) and
  • Write top-rated Romance novels in less time, with less effort!

In today's billion-book market, can you really afford to publish only one Romance novel per year? Do you think your hard-won readers will remember you between pub dates?

Of course they won't. It's time to think like a bestseller. Master the clever shortcuts that wildly popular authors use to stay prolific, so they continue to dominate the sales charts...

Modern Makeovers

(Writing about love was never so simple or rewarding!)

This online course focuses on advanced plotting strategies. The self-paced lessons feature helpful videos, writing challenges, and the strategies of bestselling authors.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 50% discount!

View a sample from the video course

Modern Makeovers:

Writing about love was never so simple or rewarding!

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Here’s What Happens When You Sign Up

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What's in it for me?

Great question! Let's put it this way: in today's billion-book market, the clock's always ticking. If you let too much "downtime" pass between books, you'll lose your income, not to mention your hard-won fans! That's why this course helps you develop your next story-concept fast.

Awesome! What else can I expect?

You're going to flex your "writing muscles" and advance your skills. We'll guide you every step of the way so you can rise above the pack — and demonstrate the "maturity of style" that is expected of a professional, Romance author.

Sounds good. Anything else?

Absolutely! If you'd like to avoid the tedium of developing heroes and heroines from scratch, you'll love this course. We'll even teach you how to fast-track sidekicks and villains — without letting any character become ho-hum or predictable!

Not bad. But I want more...

You got it. How about 5 writing challenges; 2 practice exercises; our fabulous 10-Question Checklist to evaluate the commercial appeal of your plot; and a beautiful Certificate of Achievement that you'll be proud to display? 

Here’s what people are saying about your Instructor

and her Romance-writing courses:

Recommended by Publishers

Adrienne is excellent at teaching the commercial aspects of writing. I had an author come to us with a novel that was not commercially viable. I sent her to Adrienne. This author came back with a phenomenal re-write. The book was just recently released and is pulling excellent reviews, averaging 4.6 stars at Amazon.

Brian W. Paules, Publisher

ePublishing Works

Recommended by Bestsellers

I asked Adrienne to critique my first short romance. Her insights, suggestions and techniques made my story much richer. I’m now applying everything I learned from Adrienne to my (bestselling) novels. I really appreciate her advice and encouragement, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their writing.

Jenn Roseton, #1 Bestselling Author  of 

32 Romance Novels (and counting!)

Recommended by Educators

In my fiction writing, Adrienne pinpointed weak areas quickly...which helped me get my first publication credit. She is a wonderful, inspiring writing coach and teacher.

Urania Fung, English Professor

Tarrant County College (Texas)

Excerpt from a Linkedin Recommendation

Recommended by Students

Definitely worth the investment. I would HIGHLY recommend Adrienne's courses, and her coaching is worth every penny! A publisher referred me to this website... Now that publisher wants to read my full manuscript!

Heather Derry

Romantic Suspense Author

5-Star Google Review


Here's what you'll learn in Modern Makeovers:


Lesson 1: Writing about Love with Story Generators

Lesson 1 introduces the "Modern Makeover" concept, and why you should never have to start a book from Ground Zero. In this lesson, you'll learn:

  • The psychology that turns a story into a "perennial favorite"
  • The top 10 reasons why Romance readers open their wallets
  • How to choose "Story Generators" to begin your plotting journey
  • Part One: 10 of the Most Beloved Themes in commercial Romance
  • How popular novels and movies successfully applied these themes, becoming bestsellers and/or fan favorites.
  • Traits of the Strong & Sassy Heroine (and the mates who are worthy of her)
  • Course Extra: Writing about Love for Holiday Television
  • Lesson 1 includes a writing challenge. It's purpose is to help you identify "Story Generators" for your work-in-progress. 
  • To complete Lesson 1, a 15-question quiz will help you review key concepts.


Lesson 2: Universal Themes

Lesson 2 picks up where Lesson 1 left off, building on the content that you've learned so far:

  • Part Two: 13 More of the Most Beloved Themes in commercial Romance
  • Popular novels and movies that have successfully applied these themes, becoming bestsellers and/or fan-favorites
  • Identify how the 23 themes are related
  • Discover how the 23 themes can be applied for greater reading appeal
  • Understand what makes a character "relatable"
  • Course Extra: Writing about Love with 12 Universal Characters
  • This lesson includes 2 writing challenges that incorporate your work-in-progress. 
  • To complete Lesson 2, a 15-question quiz will help you review key concepts.


Lesson 3: Success Strategies

Lesson 3 focuses on "putting it all together." You will learn the art of creating a modern makeover for a Romance novel:

  • Workshop 1: See how a Romance author repurposed 8 specific themes for her novel. (The book won 3 awards and rose to #2 on Amazon.)
  • Workshop 2: Explore how a "small change" in a Universal theme can create "big opportunities" for writing about love in a fresh way
  • Understand the dangers of destroying a reader's "suspension of disbelief"
  • Save any plot from becoming predictable
  • Course Extra: Romance Plotting Checklist
  • Lesson 3 includes 2 practice exercises, 2 writing challenges, and a 15-question quiz so you can review key concepts. 
  • Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to download a Certificate of Achievement.


Bonus 1
Writing about Love with 5 Downloadable
Study Tools

To complement your learning experience, you'll receive a variety of downloadable tools, including a handy note-taking grid, a Modern Makeovers "cheat sheet," 2 highly detailed answer sheets, and a colorful reference chart on Universal Characters.

Bonus 2
Reusable Template
for any of the Eight Subgenres of Romance

Once you start plotting with Universal Themes, you'll want a convenient way to map out your story. We've created a handy, reusable template so you can prevent your plot from becoming predictable and your characters from becoming clichés.

Bonus 3
Discounts for WIP Coaching

Now that you've learned how to incorporate Universal Themes to write a fan-favorite, it's time to apply your skills! Get expert advice for your work-in-progress.  Graduates of this course are eligible for discounted coaching services from our bestselling, award-winning instructor.

Meet your Instructor,

Adrienne deWolfe

Texas resident, Adrienne deWolfe, has written six #1 bestselling Romance novels for Bantam, Avon, and ePublishing Works. A former newspaper journalist and professional publicist, she has earned more than 40 awards for writing excellence, including such fiction distinctions as the Best Historical Romance of the Year, and the Avon Readers' Choice Award. Her novels have also been finalists for 2 RITAs and 2 Reviewers Choice Awards.

Adrienne was asked by the students of a local college to develop a Romance novel curriculum, one that offered practical advice for writing and selling commercial fiction. Since that time, she has been teaching novel-writing courses to standing-room-only crowds, and she has lead workshops at four national conventions.

Adrienne's online Romance-writing courses continue her offline tradition of offering a safe and nurturing environment to help aspiring authors. Her greatest pleasure is to coach her students to the top of the bestseller charts.

Learn how to write a Romance Novel ebook online

What's Your Success Worth?

When a British education company approached Adrienne,

asking for the exclusive right to sell her Romance-writing courses online, 

they offered $10,000 for the curriculum that she'd developed!

If you wanted to hear Adrienne speak live in the United States,

during one of the national conventions that clamor for her workshops, 

you'd have to spend $1,700 (or more) on your ticket and expenses.

When a prestigious online university approached Adrienne, 

inviting her to become one of its Romance-writing instructors, 

they wanted to sell her courses for $800.

So what's your success worth?

Adrienne has a proven track-record of helping published authors get better reviews.

She has coached aspiring authors to the top of the bestseller charts.

As a result, publishers have sent contract-hopefuls her way for manuscript advice.

What's it worth to YOU to learn the ropes from a #1 bestselling, award-winning author, who's in such high-demand as a Romance-writing coach?

Self-Paced, Online video course

Great option for Independent Learners



  • Save 43%! (Originally $225)
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video Course + private coaching

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  • Save 48%! (Originally $385)
  • Includes 90 minutes of coaching for the 5 writing assignments and 2 practice exercises
  • 1 year Access to the 5-hr Course
  • Immediate Start / Full Access
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  • We accept payment via Paypal. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for 7 Days

We offer expert, insider knowledge to help Romance writers develop commercial-grade manuscripts. Lesson 1 sets the standard for this course. If you are not satisfied with the first lesson, kindly notify us within 7 days of registration. We shall cheerfully refund your payment.

Don't miss out! See what students are saying...

For Serious Authors, who Want to Make Money

Unlike most writing teachers, who talk in vague generalities about technique, Adrienne dives deep into published excerpts to show you exactly how successful authors combine specific tools... She shows you how to keep a reader turning pages... If you're serious about making money as a commercial Romance author, I would highly recommend Adrienne's courses.

Evelyn Warren

Contemporary Romance Author

Excerpt from a Linkedin Recommendation

Highly Recommended

Readers were giving me terrible feedback. I didn't know how to fix the problem until I found (Adrienne's) course! Highly recommended!

Susan Santos

Contemporary Romance Author

5-Star Google Review

Instructor is a Rare Breed of Professional

I consider (Adrienne) one of a rare breed of professionals who loves every minute she spends working with fledgling writers, who are trying to succeed. I am a better writer for having had the pleasure of her personal mentoring.

Donald Montano

Multi-Published Author

Excerpt from a Linkedin Recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course differ from ROAD MAP?

Do you offer packages & coaching discounts?

What's the course length / prerequisite? 

What is your refund policy?


Great option for Independent Learners



  • Save 43%! (Originally $225)
  • 1 year Access to the 5-hr Course
  • Immediate Start
  • Full Access to All Lessons
  • Office Hours by Appointment
  • When you click "Enroll Now," you will be directed to our course website to begin registration. (Please be patient. The website transfer takes several moments.)
  • We accept payment via Paypal. 

Best option if you want writing feedback



  • Save 48%! (Originally $385)
  • Includes 90 minutes of coaching for the 5 writing assignments and 2 practice exercises
  • 1 year Access to the 5-hr Course
  • Immediate Start / Full Access
  • Office Hours by Appointment
  • When you click, "Enroll Now," you will be directed to our course website to begin registration. (Please be patient. The website transfer takes several moments.)
  • We accept payment via Paypal. 

My Friend,

Best practices really DO exist for writing about love. If you plan to turn your dream job into a career, then you need to think strategically. You must plan your next Romance novel while you write your WIP. But after you churn out a couple of books — and the Creative Well runs dry — what then?

Keeping pace with our relentless, ever-changing marketplace is not easy. Sure, you can knock your head against the wall. You can choose to struggle through the long and painstaking process of developing plots and characters from scratch. 

Or you can enroll in this course today, and learn how bestselling authors, with dozens of books to their credit, are keeping pace with the demands of their fans.

Remember: Writing Romance is your dream job. I'm here to help.



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