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Writing Romance? Learn how to write romance novels step-by-step from a #1 bestselling author. Online novel writing courses include video instruction and private coaching.

Now YOU can write Romance novels, step-by-step! Learn how the Big Names plot books that sell!

So you think Chapter 1 is tough to write?

Try tackling the Middle Chapters...

You're inspired to write Romance novels. The task seems easy enough. Everyone knows a Love Story's simple, time-honored formula:

  • Boy meets Girl; 
  • Boy falls in love with Girl;
  • Boy and Girl live happily ever after. 

There's just one tiny problem with your "formula." It only covers three scenes that Romance readers want and expect. 

So how are you going to fill the other 355 pages?

"No sweat," you boldly respond. You read commercial Romance all the time. You've seen lots of fascinating stuff happen in the middle of the book: murder investigations, magic quests, Zombie tea parties... (Well, maybe not that last thing.) The point is, you have lots of ideas and plenty of precedent. You figure you'll knock out those 355 pages in a couple of months.

Then you get your first reality check... 

It comes in the form of a manuscript critique. 

"I thought you said this book was a love story," whines Beta Reader #1.

You're stunned. It is a love story. Why can't Miss Whiney-Pants see that?

Beta #2 chimes in, "Then why are all these killer clowns (or Russian spies, or space aliens) in your book? Where's the juicy stuff?"

Juicy stuff? You're wounded to your core.

Of course, you were going to put some sizzle in the middle... eventually. But obviously, you had to write about the time-traveling robot. And the hero's triumphant battle with cannibals. And the heroine's secret fling with her gypsy fortuneteller (who was supposed to be a walk-on, until he got really interesting in Chapter 72.)

"Wait a minute. How long is this book?" Beta #3 demands suspiciously. "Romances are only supposed to be, like, 200 to 400 pages long. You knew that, right?"

Uh...not really. Somehow, your sweet little love story turned into an 800-page monstrosity about crystal balls and soul-stealers from The Beyond. Maybe, just maybe, you don't know how to write Romance, like you thought you did.

Write Romance Novels that Sell

So let us blow your mind. To write Romance novels that readers want to buy, you need to understand that: 

  • 7 plotting pitfalls guarantee "no sale" in a Romance; 
  • 3 specific "milestones" MUST appear in every scene;
  • 6 clever hacks can prevent readers from closing your book at the end of a chapter; and
  • There's a right place and a WRONG PLACE for the hero to speak the L-word. (Who knew?!)

My Friend, plotting a Romance novel is NOT easy. For 10 long years, I received rejection letters from Legacy Publishers, even though I was an award-winning journalist, with a track record for excellent writing! 

What finally sealed the deal? 

The answer may surprise you. I didn't get my first book contract because I completed 2 novels, or because I sat through dozens of workshops at 5 national Romance conventions. I didn't get published because I was a finalist in a national Romance-writing contest, or because I acquired 2 literary agents!

Nope. I got my first book contract because I finally mastered the formula to write Romance for the commercial market.

To learn this formula, you would have to study hundreds of Romance novels (which doesn't guarantee success.) Or you would have to spend thousands of dollars on college courses — assuming, of course, that your professor actually knows the commercial Romance formula. Unfortunately, most college professors only know how to teach literary fiction (which will never earn you a book contract from Harlequin, Avon, Entangled, Kensington, Hallmark...etc.)

As for self-publishing? Let me put it this way. If your storytelling can't compete with the hundreds of expertly written Romances, published by Traditional Houses each month, your labor-of-love will quietly die, unnoticed and ignored.

So think what you like about "formulas," but I'm here to tell you, learning to write Romance for the commercial market does not have to be hard. Nor does it have to be expensive. That's why I developed this comprehensive plotting course for Romance authors...

Romance Road Map:

The Secret Plot Formula to Write Romance Novels

To help you write Romance novels that readers want to buy, we've created this on-demand course with helpful videos, writing challenges, and insider tips from bestselling authors.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 70% discount!

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Romance Road Map:

The Secret Plot Formula to Write Romance Novels

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Here’s What Happens When You Sign Up

When you click the "Enroll" button, you will be re-directed to our Course Website, where you will begin the registration process. Upon the successful completion of your Paypal payment, you will receive full and immediate access to the course.

What's in it for me?

Great question! You'll receive your very own, step-by-step "road map" to plot a full-length, Romance novel, from start to finish! We'll share tips and strategies that will help you develop a commercial manuscript for any subgenre: Contemporary, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Erotica, Paranormal, New Adult, Young Adult, and Inspirational.

Awesome! What else can I expect?

This course is jam-packed with tools that you can really use to write Romance novels, like our "cures" for a bloated middle and our "cheat sheet" for fixing humor scenes that aren't funny.

Sounds good. Anything else?

Absolutely! We believe in SHOWING, rather than telling. That's why we've included 4 video workshops, so you can watch our bestselling, award-winning instructor tackle various plotting challenges — like how to construct a scene; how to put the "thrill" in an action sequence; and how to write the "sizzle" in an encounter between the hero and heroine.

Not bad. But I want more...

You got it. How about 7 Writing Challenges, an Editing Challenge, and a beautiful Certificate of Achievement that you'll be proud to display? 

Here’s what people are saying about your Instructor

and her Romance-writing courses:

Recommended by Publishers

There's a difference between writing a story, and writing a story for a commercial audience. Very few authors make the transition to commercial viability. Adrienne is a gifted storyteller in her own right, and she has the ability to teach the craft to other authors. This is why we send authors to Adrienne when we see untapped potential.

Brian W. Paules, Publisher

ePublishing Works

Recommended by Bestsellers

Not only has Adrienne written successful Romance novels, she has mastered the skills for helping other writers succeed. Thank you, Adrienne, for helping me become a better author! 

E.C. Stilson

#1 Bestselling Women's Fiction Author 

Recommended by Educators

In my fiction writing, Adrienne pinpointed weak areas quickly and offered excellent suggestions for improvement, which helped me get my first publication credit in an anthology of short stories. Adrienne is a wonderful, inspiring writing coach and teacher.

Urania Fung, English Professor

Tarrant County College (Texas)

Excerpt from a Linkedin Recommendation

Recommended by Students

After reading all of (Adrienne's) novels, I made a decision to hire her as my writing coach. In the many months she mentored me, she was always as close as a phone call or an e-mail away and always generous with her time... I take pride in being able to endorse her many talents as a creative writer and as a human being. 

Donald Montano, Multi-Published Author

Excerpt from a Linkedin Recommendation

Here's what you'll learn to write Romance:


Lesson 1: Do you have enough story for a full novel?

In Lesson 1, you'll discover if you have enough plot (or way too much) to write Romance. Plus, you'll learn: 

  • Where to source conflicts for an emotionally-charged storyline
  • How to entice readers beyond the ending of a chapter
  • Clever hacks for book proposals that grab the attention of Legacy editors
  • An insider's trick with excerpts to make Amazon shoppers open their wallets
  • An alternative plotting method, emphasizing psychology over literary tradition
  • The "story milestones" that should be present at every stage of your novel
  • Lesson 1 also includes 2 writing challenges to help you practice the techniques that you've learned.
  • To complete Lesson 1, a 15-question quiz will help you review key concepts.


Lesson 2: Breaking Chapters into Manageable Pieces

Lesson 2 is devoted to the step-by-step process of building a chapter. You'll learn:

  • How to "stack" the 3 building blocks of a scene 
  • Ways to maximize reader interest while the viewpoint character is "thinking"
  • How to escalate story tension through "literary disasters"
  • The ideal length of narration in a non-action sequence
  • How to fix the 7 plotting pitfalls that are guaranteed to lose your reader when you write Romance
  • In Lesson 2, you will also be challenged with 3 writing exercises.
  • To complete Lesson 2, a 15-question quiz will help you review key concepts.


Lesson 3: How to Put the "Thrill" in a Lovers' Drama

Lesson 3 is devoted to the biggest plotting challenge of all: story pacing. If you struggle to write Romance novels that are page-turners, you'll want to master these techniques! We'll show you how to apply specific and concrete "best practices" so you can pace:

  • Action Scenes
  • Sexual Tension 
  • Humor
  • Suspense
  • Lesson 3 also includes 1 writing challenge and 1 editing exercise.
  • To complete Lesson 3, a 15-question quiz will help you review key concepts.


Lesson 4: Write Romance with the Road Map

Lesson 4 takes a deep dive into the "formula." You'll discover how to write Romance novels, from start to finish, for any genre. Specifically, you'll learn:

  • The 10 steps in the Romance novel formula
  • How to apply those steps, chapter-by-chapter
  • Specific strategies, used by bestsellers, to keep readers engaged through every stage of your novel
  • Advanced plotting techniques (like how to write a flashback, and how to plan a series)
  • Lesson 4 also includes 1 writing challenge and a 15-question quiz to help you review key concepts. 
  • Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to download a Certificate of Achievement.


Bonus 1
Reusable Template: Blueprint to Write Romance

Download our reusable template to plan each of the scenes in your Romance. Our template can also be used to plan spin-off novels and series!

Bonus 2
Cheat Sheets & Reference Tools to Download

This course contains downloadable resources that you can really use.  We're especially proud of our 7-step cheat-sheet for fixing a Sagging Middle. (Seriously, we wish we'd had that reference tool when we set out to write Romance for the first time!)

Bonus 3
Discounts for WIP Coaching

Now that you've learned how to write Romance, it's time to apply your skills! Make sure every scene in your love story is fast-paced and emotionally-charged. Graduates of this course are eligible for discounted coaching services on their WIP from our bestselling, award-winning instructor.

Meet your Instructor,

Adrienne deWolfe

Texas resident, Adrienne deWolfe, has written six #1 bestselling Romance novels for Bantam, Avon, and ePublishing Works. A former newspaper journalist and professional publicist, she has earned more than 40 awards for writing excellence, including such fiction distinctions as the Best Historical Romance of the Year, and the Avon Readers' Choice Award. Her novels have also been finalists for 2 RITAs and 2 Reviewers Choice Awards.

Adrienne was asked by the students of a local college to develop a Romance novel curriculum, one that offered practical advice for writing and selling commercial fiction. Since that time, she has been teaching novel-writing courses to standing-room-only crowds, and she has lead workshops at four national conventions.

Adrienne's online Romance-writing courses continue her offline tradition of offering a safe and nurturing environment to help aspiring authors. Her greatest pleasure is to coach her students to the top of the bestseller charts.

Learn how to write a Romance Novel ebook online

What's Your Success Worth?

When a British education company approached Adrienne,

asking for the exclusive right to sell her Romance-writing courses online, 

they offered $10,000 for the curriculum that she'd developed!

If you wanted to hear Adrienne speak live in the United States,

during one of the national conventions that clamor for her workshops, 

you'd have to spend $1,700 (or more) on your ticket and expenses.

When a prestigious online university approached Adrienne, 

inviting her to become one of its Romance-writing instructors, 

they wanted to sell her courses for $800.

So what's your success worth?

Adrienne has a proven track-record of helping published authors get better reviews.

She has coached aspiring authors to the top of the bestseller charts.

As a result, publishers have sent contract-hopefuls her way for manuscript advice.

What's it worth to YOU to learn the ropes from a #1 bestselling, award-winning author, who's in such high-demand as a Romance-writing coach?

Self-Paced, Online video course

Great option for Independent Learners



  • Save 50%! (Originally $199)
  • 1 year Access to the 5-hr Course
  • Immediate Start
  • Full Access to All Lessons
  • Office hours by appointment
  • When you click "Enroll Now," you will be directed to our course website to begin registration. (Please be patient. The website transfer takes several moments.)
  • We accept payment via Paypal. 
video Course + private coaching

Best option if you want writing feedback



  • Save 50%! (Originally $385)
  • Includes 90 minutes of coaching for the 7 writing assignments
  • 1 year Access to the 5-hr Course
  • Immediate Start / Full Access
  • Office hours by appointment
  • When you click, "Enroll Now," you will be directed to our course website to begin registration. (Please be patient. The website transfer takes several moments.)
  • We accept payment via Paypal. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for 7 Days

We offer expert, insider knowledge to help Romance writers develop commercial-grade manuscripts. Lesson One sets the standard for this course. If you are not satisfied with the first video recording in your course, kindly notify us within 7 days of registration. We shall cheerfully refund your payment.

Don't miss out! See what students are saying...

Best Plotting Class Ever

I learned more in Adrienne's 5-hour video course than I did in a LIVE class, offered by my local college for 8 weeks. Her experience as a bestseller and as a fiction coach makes all the difference. Unlike most writing teachers, who talk in vague generalities about technique, Adrienne dives deep into published excerpts to show you exactly how successful authors combine specific tools to create humor, action, or suspense... She even helps you plan a spin-off novel! Romance Road Map was the best, Romance-specific plotting class that I have ever taken.

Evelyn Warren

Contemporary Author

Excerpt from a Linkedin Recommendation

Referred by a Publisher

A publisher referred me to this website. After taking several of the plotting courses, I saw a big improvement in my writing. Now that publisher wants to read my full manuscript! ...I learned how to write the book, thanks to Romance Road Map. Definitely worth the investment. I would HIGHLY recommend Adrienne's courses.

Heather Derry

Romantic Suspense Author

5-Star Google Review

Now Writing Page-Turners

I seriously wish that I’d taken Adrienne's Romance Road Map course 3 years ago. It would have saved me hours of agonizing rewrites. Now I'm applying her step-by-step formula, and people are saying my book's a page-turner!

Kelly Cunningham

Historical Author

5-Star Google Review

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Great option for Independent Learners



  • Save 50%! (Originally $199)
  • 1 year Access to the 5-hr Course
  • Immediate Start
  • Full Access to All Lessons
  • Office hours by appointment
  • When you click "Enroll Now," you will be directed to our course website to begin registration. (Please be patient. The website transfer takes several moments.)
  • We accept payment via Paypal. 

Best option if you want writing feedback



  • Save 50%! (Originally $385)
  • Includes 90 minutes of coaching for the 7 writing assignments
  • 1 year Access to the 5-hr Course
  • Immediate Start / Full Access
  • Office hours by appointment
  • When you click, "Enroll Now," you will be directed to our course website to begin registration. (Please be patient. The website transfer takes several moments.)
  • We accept payment via Paypal. 

My Friend,

My sincere hope is that you never have to struggle, like I did, to write the story in your heart. Yes, I had wonderful mentors, but they were uncomfortable discussing the reality:  Romance novels must be written in a specific order to make money. Many of my successful colleagues still squirm when I mention "formula" and "Romance-writing" in the same breath. Frankly, I don't see the need for such pretense. I created this course because there really are best practices to write Romance novels, and I believe those strategies should be shared with the world. Sure, you can blaze your own creative path, slogging through the murky Sagging Middle of your book. Or you can enroll right now in my Romance Road Map course, and speed your way toward success.

Remember: Writing Romance is your dream job. I'm here to help.



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