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“(The Hero & Heroine) have terrific chemistry. The tension doesn't let up! The next book can't come soon enough!”

Affaire de coeur's Review of dance to the devil's tune


Adrienne deWolfe

"The world needs the love stories that only YOU can write!"

Meet our Romance Writer Coach

Adrienne deWolfe has written six #1 bestselling Romance novels for Bantam, Avon, and ePublishing Works. A former newspaper journalist and corporate publicist, she earned more than 40 awards for writing excellence before becoming a highly-sought publishing consultant and Romance Writer Coach.

When Adrienne's not writing, she indulges in her other passions, literacy and education. Currently, she manages the Women in Leadership Advisory Board for one of the nation's top universities. 

The Inspiration for Adrienne's Courses

Adrienne has delivered Romance-writing workshops across the country. During such an event, the students of a Texas college approached her. They were frustrated with their Creative Writing courses, which weren't adequately preparing them to sell Romance novels to Traditional Publishers. They asked her to develop a Romance novel curriculum, one that offered practical advice for writing and selling commercial fiction.

Within months, Adrienne was hired as an adjunct faculty member for that particular college, where she taught her Romance-writing courses to sell-out crowds for several years.

Her Initiation as a Romance Writer Coach

Adrienne's publisher asked her to review the manuscripts of several aspiring authors. He described these authors as having "potential;" however, he wasn't ready to contract them.

Adrienne agreed to privately mentor these authors. She showed them how to "fix" their manuscripts for the commercial marketplace.

Several months later, her publisher reported that those same authors had sent him "phenomenal" rewrites, and that their books were earning 4+ stars on Amazon.

The Road to Bestsellerdom

Adrienne's own fiction debut occurred with Bantam's release of Texas Outlaw, the first book in her bestselling Wild Texas Nights series.

Texas Outlaw broke industry records in paperback when it was nominated for two Rita Awards by the published authors of Romance Writers of America. 

In ebook, the Wild Texas Nights series remained on Kindle's Top 100 list for seven months. Book 3 in the series, Texas Wildcat, was named the Best Historical Romance of the Year by Calico Trails Magazine. 

Since that time, 9 of Adrienne's 10 books have ranked #3 or higher on Amazon's bestseller list — in some cases, multiple times. Specifically, 6 books reached the rank of #1, and 2 books reached the rank of #2. Her Romance novels continue to earn a variety of distinctions from readers and reviewers, including her current tally of 6 characterization awards. 

Adrienne's current fiction projects include a Contemporary Christmas Romance, as well as the third book in her bestselling Historical Romantic Suspense series, Lady Law and the Gunslinger.


"Adrienne is excellent at teaching the commercial aspects of writing. I had an author come to us with a novel that was not commercially viable. I sent her to Adrienne for coaching. This author came back with a phenomenal re-write. The book was just recently released and is pulling excellent reviews, averaging 4.6 stars at Amazon." 

Brian E. Paules, Publisher

ePublishing works

"I learned more in Adrienne's 5-hour video course than I did in a LIVE class, offered by my local college for 8 weeks. Her experience as a bestseller and as a fiction coach makes all the difference... If you're serious about making money as a commercial Romance author, I would highly recommend Adrienne's courses, and I would especially recommend her services as a fiction coach."

evelyn warren, aspiring author

(From a linkedin recommendation)

“Adrienne helped me focus on the technical aspects as a beginning writer, without becoming overwhelmed.” 

tambra nicole kendall

fiction teacher & published author

Every Author has a Favorite Character

Meet a Few of Adrienne's:

Historical Western Romance, Victorian American Romance, Aspen Colorado, Adrienne deWolfe

Raphael Jones, Conman (plus his rambunctious "ward," Tavy the Otter Pup — who can't swim!)

Historical Western Romance, Texas Rangers, Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, Carson City Nevada, Adrienne deWolfe

Fancy Holleday, Lady Train Robber Favorite quote: "There's not a man alive I can't charm, seduce, or just plain outsmart."

Historical Western Romance, Texas, cowboys, ranching, Adrienne deWolfe

Bailey McShane, Tomboy Sheep Rancher (plus her OCD herding dog, "Sergeant Pris")

Historical Western Romance, Romantic Suspense Novel, Adrienne deWolfe

 William Cassidy, Gunslinger, plus his hilarious sidekicks: Collie (the Teenage Thief) and Vandy (the Rascally Raccoon)

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