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Every heart has a story to tell

(and every story is worth telling)

But if you want readers to BUY your love story, then you must learn how to write Romance as commercial fiction. In other words, you must master a set of writing skills that you weren't taught in English class.

When a novel is classified as commercial Romance, your readers' expectations dictate what "should" and "should not" appear in your love story. 

Successful authors understand this distinction. They write to satisfy their target audience.

Writing Romance? Learn how to write romance novels. How to make money writing Romance.
Aspiring authors often trust the wrong feedback, cycling endlessly through revisions that don't impact sales.

Why your books Aren't selling...

  • Here's the unvarnished truth: If you're getting "form" rejection letters — or 3-star reviews — then you haven't learned how to write Romance novels for a commercial audience. In other words, you lack the skills that are crucial for your success.
  • College professors aren't trained to teach commercial fiction. Even worse, they've been brainwashed into thinking that "quality fiction" should be riddled with angst and take years to write. Case in Point: One of my students majored in Creative Writing to learn how to write Romance novels. When her professor discovered the truth, this professor snidely announced, "I only work with serious writers."
  • You may be revising your Romance based on uneducated opinion. Case in point: Beta Readers complained regularly to one of my students that her love scenes were "vulgar." In reality, her book was so lukewarm that it barely qualified for the "Sweet Heat" rating.
  • The "book expert" that you hired may have no clue how to write Romance novels that sell. Case in point: A self-published author came to me, frustrated by low sales and poor reviews. She was horrified when I revealed that her previous editor had killed her sales by stripping out the emotion that Romance readers demand and expect.

How to Write Romance: My Mentorship Program

  • Tired of contradictory critiques that keep you writing in circles? My feedback is based on the fundamentals of Romance writing, not on personal preference or Urban myth!
  • Still revising Chapter 1? I'll show you how to enthrall picky editors, who are looking for reasons to reject your manuscript on the first page!
  • Suffering from lousy reviews? If your Romance-writing isn't consistently earning 4-stars (or higher), then something's wrong with the execution of your story. I can show you how to turn a ho-hum book into a sizzling page-turner!
Learn how to write romance novels. How to make money writing Romance.
Too many revisions can kill a good story, turning it into a stale, homogenized tale. 
Your publishing dream is within reach. You just need me to show you the way...

Why I'm Different from your editor...

  • I don't do the revisions for you. Nor should you want me to. I act as your advisor, mentor, and brainstorming partner. You decide which "fix" to apply to your scenes.
  • My specialty is developmental editing for the 8 subgenres of commercial Romance. A developmental editor identifies weak story structure, poor characterization, and contrived plotting. (Your "line editor" reads for typos.)
  • I analyze your storytelling and show you why certain scenes have been turning off Romance readers. Then I'll suggest several writing techniques, so you can choose how to improve those scenes.
  • Ultimately, I'll train you how to analyze and fix your storytelling. That way, I'll be the last developmental editor you will ever need. LOL!


what aspiring authors say about Adrienne's mentorship

R.B. Shelton

Aspiring Author of Romantic Suspense

from a 5-Star google review

So excited! Got an agent! Adrienne is a top-notch teacher!
Janelle Roche

aspiring Author of contemporary Romance

Thank you for your critique. It was very useful. You taught me more in this email that I learned in 9 months of the (critique) club I was in.
Sharron Tan

Aspiring author of paranormal romance

You must have worked very hard on this critique! I am very pleased. Thank you, ma'am! Your feedback was exactly what I was looking for. I should be making improvements shortly! You are awesome! I'm so glad I found you.
Evelyn Warren

Aspiring author of Contemporary romance

from a linkedin recommendation

If you're serious about making money as a commercial Romance author, I would highly recommend Adrienne's courses, and I would especially recommend her services as a fiction coach.

my Publisher asked for help...

How did I get started as a fiction coach? One of my publishers approached me.

After reading (and buying) 3 of my series, he asked if I would review the manuscripts of several aspiring authors. 

He thought these writers had real potential, but he wasn't ready to offer them contracts. When I asked why he didn't want to buy their books, he confessed that he wasn't sure.

"You have a way of succinctly quantifying the problem in a written work that I really appreciate," he wrote to me.

So I turned to the curriculum that I had developed for my college-level courses. I taught these up-and-coming authors how to write Romance and how to fix their manuscripts for a commercial publisher.

Months later, my publisher told me that those same authors had sent him "phenomenal" rewrites and that their books were earning 4+ star reviews on Amazon!

Several of My Writing successes:

How to Write Romance:

Selecting AUTHORS for MENTORship

My coaching time is limited. Due to popular demand, I give priority to writers who have finished my courses. (I also give them a generous discount on COACHING!)

By completing a course, you prove that you are serious about improving your skills. you also prove that you have a basic understanding of the foundations of fiction, narrative structure, and the business of writing Romance.

When you apply for mentorship, I shall evaluate your writing skills, based on the first 10 pages of your work-in-progress (wip.) My goal is to determine whether you understand (and are applying) the techniques from the courses.

More importantly, I am evaluating the commercial viability of your Romance, which is precisely what any publisher would do!

Therefore, the opening pages of your manuscript should demonstrate that:

You understand how to balance DRAMATIC ACTION WITH character exposition
You apply SEXUAL AND emotional tension to scenes that feature your hero and heroine


other Considerations:

yOUr manuscript is laser-focused on the love story between the Hero and heroine.


YOU are committed to improving your manuscript to the "commercial" publishing standard for Romance.


what Your Coaching fee covers:

Free Introductory Skype

We'll meet live, for 15 minutes, to get acquainted, discuss your goals, and review general procedures. 

Customized Homework 

Depending on your skill level, I may assign a practice exercise to help you understand a concept or technique.

General Critiques

Starting with Chapter One, we'll progress scene by scene. Each of my critiques will be written. They will describe a scene's strengths and weaknesses, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Live Coaching Sessions

These (optional) phone or Skype sessions are useful for story-planning, goal-setting, discussing complex writing tasks, etc.

Light Line Edits

I may offer suggestions for "tweaking" or improving specific paragraphs (for example, where more character motivation is needed.)

Email Communications

Our "lifeline" between live sessions, email is useful for asking questions, sharing ideas, and discussing fresh drafts of previously critiqued scenes.

what happens when you apply for coaching

You will submit your application, the first 10 pages of your manuscript, and your non-refundable application fee. Within 10 business days, you will be notified about next steps.

what's Your Publishing Dream Worth?

How many hours does it take to write a Romance novel? How much frustration have you endured, due to ignorant Betas, "form" rejection letters, inept freelancers, and lousy reviews? 

How much MONEY have you spent on writing conferences, membership dues, research materials, self-promotion, and reader giveaways?

If you're honest with yourself, the cost of writing a book is incalculable. You wouldn't have invested all this effort, time, and money if you didn't have the BURNING DESIRE to tell a love story.

But if your storytelling confuses — or worse, disappoints — readers, they won't buy your book. In fact, they'll buy somebody else's labor of love. No amount of self-promotion can EARN YOU A LIVING if your Romance novel suffers from amateur storytelling!

Listen, if you've read this far, then you know you need help with your writing. Don't let your dreams of success wither and die. I have a track record of helping authors write Romance novels for higher sales and better reviews. More importantly, I CAN HELP YOU...

fees for wip coaching

Save 20% if You're a Course Grad!

Savings for

Course Grads


  • Save an additional $25: Application fee waived for Grads!
  • Your minimum commitment: 3 hours per wIP
  • Your 3 hours must be Completed within 3 months
  • Full Coaching retainer paid in advance
  • we accept payPal

Coaching for

New Students


  • Application Fee: $25 (Non-refundable)
  • your minimum commitment: 3 hours per WIP  
  • Your 3 hours must be completed within 3 months
  • Full Coaching Retainer Paid in Advance
  • We accept PayPal

Praise from Pros

what they say about Adrienne'S mentorship

Brian E. Paules

PUblisher, ePublishing Works

There's a difference between writing a story, and writing a story for a commercial audience. Very few authors make the transition to commercial viability. Adrienne is a gifted storyteller in her own right, and she has the ability to teach the craft to other writers. This is why we send writers to Adrienne when we seen untapped potential.
E.C. Stilson

#1 Bestselling author of WomEn's Fiction

Thank you, Adrienne, for helping me become a better author! Through your keen insights, my current manuscript has been refined to the type of work that shines.
Donald Montano

Multi-published author, historical westerns 

After reading all of (Adrienne's) novels, I made a decision to hire her as my writing coach. In the many months she mentored me, she was always as close as a phone call or an e-mail, and always generous with her time. I am a better writer for having had the pleasure of her personal mentoring. 
Jenn Roseton

#1 bestselling author of 32 Romances (and counting!)

I asked Adrienne to critique my first short Romance. Her suggestions and techniques made my story much richer. Now I'm applying everything I learned from Adrienne to my (bestselling) novels. I would not hesitate to recommend her.