Write Heroic Men and Remarkable Women

Muscle-bound hotties may be the stereotype, but they won't sell many books! To earn money writing Romance novels, you MUST make readers fall in love. That's why we take a fresh approach to characterization. We focus on male/female psychology, and we dive DEEP into emotional and sexual tension, showing you, step-by-step, how to write scenes that sizzle. Discover our wildly popular, self-paced Characterization Courses, and join our many graduates, who are getting higher sales and better reviews!

Write 5-Star Heroes & Heroines

Discover how men REALLY think and communicate so you can write commanding Alphas, charming Betas, and the remarkable heroines who steal their hearts!

"I consider (this course) instrumental in attracting my first nibble from a literary agent." (From a Linkedin Recommendation)

Write Sizzling Seductions, Kisses, and Love Scenes

Contrary to popular belief, Romance heroes aren't written to seduce the heroine. They're written to seduce the reader! In this PG-rated video course, you'll learn everything you need to slowly and methodically "turn up the heat" in every scene of your Romance novel.

"Highly recommended! Readers were giving me terrible feedback...until I found the '50 Ways' course!" (From a 5-Star Google Review)

Ready for Success?

Publishers and bestsellers consult with Adrienne deWolfe. Privately, she has coached authors to the top of the charts.  If you're serious about Romance-writing, her Mentorship Program can help you too!

"(Adrienne) was always generous with her time. I am a better writer for having had the pleasure of her personal mentoring." (From a Linkedin Recommendation)

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